danielpflood.My Vowels.Harmonizing with heaven

The greatest thing an individual can to in order to save our civilization is to thrive individually. Shine bright and show other people it is ok. Fear nothing and nothing will fear you, then fear will vanish altogether. Know you have an infinite potential both outward and inward. Accept everything how it is now. Visualize what you want to create in this universe/life. Or rather visualize what “god” wants to create in this universe/life and let that flow through you. This way you are without desire, you are just 100% accepting. Don’t be afraid to think. If you are afraid to think about something, ask yourself why? If something is bothering you in your mind, look directly at it, recognize it. Notice how you use certain things as distraction. Its like a key change in a song. If you are living in a world of lies and distraction, when you hear one truth it sounds so horrible and frightening, like the wrong note being played. This creates cognitive¬†dissonance the same way a wrong note would create aural dissonance. Instead of stopping your only true note from being played, continue to adjust every other note (or perspective or thought) so that finally your entire reality has changed keys and is once again at peace. Only this time you are playing in the same key as the natural world. You are harmonizing with heaven.¬†Everything is vibration. You will exist on whatever wavelength harmonizes best with you. I cannot imagine a more wonderful vibration than that of love. Vibrate with love, love is in the realm of infinites.





Let go and enjoy the ride or die trying to live.