danielpflood.Recipes.Raw Monkey Sandwich Recipe


cuc1 cuc_2

1. Cut your cucumber in half, as seen in the picture. (Not lengthwise, the other way!)

2. Hollow out most of the inside of the cucumber. (Just start carving into the end with a skinny, regular little sharp knife. Keep going down as far as you can – or until you get bored or lazy.)

3. Make your nut pate (or get your leftovers from the fridge). There are a variety to choose from. I recommend either my raw veggie cream cheese recipe or my raw egg salad recipe. Both are really tasty.

4. Start putting some nut pate inside. Try to get it all the way from top to bottom (lengthwise), but only on one side. Fill the other side with chopped veggies too.  It’s a tight squeeze, but have fun with it. The idea is that you want some pate and some chopped veg in each bite.

5. That’s it! Monkey sandwiches!